Autumnal Beginnings

The title of this blog amused me somewhat and yet I think Spring and Autumn bring with them a period of reflectiveness and along with that a prompt into action. I have been quietly working behind the scenes on a number of small projects and ideas some of which are beginning to take shape.

The first thing I have been working on is a revamped website – you’ll notice when you visit that there is a new blog and the pages are a little simpler to access and navigate. Feeds from my blog, twitter, youtube and the like are all there – the joys of social media!

I have also been working on the live tracks and video from the gig at the Bury Met which happened back in March. I will be regularly releasing these videos onto Youtube and we are looking at the possibility of putting them on Spotify too. This is really exciting as we had a full horn section for the gig and the songs with the horn section sound amazing – so much so that I wish I had recorded them with horns originally.

Finally, we are looking at booking a run of gigs to accompany the release of the videos and the new website. We are hoping to gig in a number of different formats from acoustic and small scale up to the 8 piece band with horns that played the Bury Met earlier this year. So, as we ask each time we are planning to gig:

Is there anywhere you would like to see us play?
Would you like to book us for a house gig?
Are there any events you are hosting you would like us to play at?

Most of all feel free to get involved, we always enjoy working with others!


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