One Sunny Day

As alluded to in an earlier blog I have been working on videos from our gig at The Bury Met this year. I do enjoy the creative process of bringing together a video alongside sound although the nature of not doing it enough always means I am relearning editing techniques.

We opened the gig with One Sunny Day as we did when we launched It Starts Again. It’s an upbeat tune that I wrote with a rhythm much like the Flamenco in mind. Interestingly it was one of those rare songs that had some of the lyrics written before the music – particularly the chorus. It stemmed from a conversation with a friend where she said – ‘One sunny day doesn’t make a summer,’ – at which I found myself furiously scribbling the quote in my notebook saying – that is one I am going to use!

The one thing the live version misses is the female counter voice as this is ultimately a song about relationships, but what it doesn’t miss is Mark Jones revisiting his beautifully played trumpet solo.

So, with that I am going back to editing some more of the tracks from that night and I hope you enjoy ‘One Sunny Day’ attached below:


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