The title of this blog could be easily misconstrued and I confess this was done on purpose.

I am referring to the touring that, I as a musician do, by meeting up with people who work in and are involved in the music scene. It forms a vital part of what we do, as a way to make connections and find out what is going on out there. Most of my best opportunitiesĀ haveĀ come from a chance meeting with someone whilst I was out with someone else talking about something inherent to the music scene.

Now… this could also be seen as consistently touting for business – something musicians are regularly accused of, and occasionally fairly, but I was reminded recently of why I have always enjoyed this kind of ‘touring’.

I had a day of meeting up with an old friend to talk about business models and ideas and then went on to a festival where another of my old friends was playing. The nature of debate, discussion and genuine connection during the day was something that brings a smile to my face, and by the next day i felt renewed and re-energised. I had ideas for new songs, an impetus to put a video together and other random and inspirational ideas for the future.

Life has been somewhat full and not always easy of recent, and sometimes it becomes harder to maintain those connections in the wake of those experiences. I have been reminded how important they are, especially when things are tough.